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Now a single workstation or server can access Xsan volumes simultaneously. MultiSAN is ideal for users who need to access multiple Xsan volumes from the same workstation or server, such as newsrooms with separate SAN volumes for production and broadcast.

DrivesMultiSAN allows a single workstation or server to access Xsan volumes hosted by separate Xsan metadata controllers. Hosting volumes on separate Xsan controllers can improve the performance, reliability, and sustainability of critical volumes. Each volume is independently hosted, so a failure of any one volume does not affect another.

ProductionUsers can copy data between Xsan volumes directly over Fibre Channel. Prior to Xsan 2 and MultiSAN, data had to be moved over a slower Ethernet connection to copy data from one independent Xsan volume to another. With Fibre Channel, production workflows are significantly more efficient, and greater collaboration can be achieved.

MultiSAN Diagram


Written by montanaflynn

March 11, 2008 at 8:27 pm

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