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Network Monitoring – Automated Reboot System

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Bring State of the Art Network Monitoring in house – save money, offer more network monitoring options and stay ahead of your servers.

From SNMP to SMTP, MySQL monitoring and web site up-time, you can bring your network monitoring solution in-house – at an affordable price and with a number of options available.

Monitor the services you need to monitor – use login’s to verify connectivity to your network services. Any network service can be checked at any interval – from every 10 seconds to every 15 minutes – whatever frequency makes you feel the most comfortable. Other network monitoring systems are based on a per unit pricing scheme – using our solution, you can monitor as many devices as you need to monitor – and you can monitor any service that is available over the network.

Automated Reboot Systems

It’s not enough to simply monitor your servers and services – what do you do in case of a server outage, a remote site’s connection down or any of the other services you have to monitor?

Being able to control the power outlets of your servers and and network devices allows the network admin to toggle a machine off and on – resolving over 98% of server service outages.

The PowerKey Pro 600 has 6 software controlled outlets – allowing you to reboot up to 6 devices at any time. Imagine having your webserver stuck at 3 am – rather than driving to the office or data center, login to the network monitoring system from your home or office and toggle the outlet remotely.

With our network monitoring tools and automatic reboot system, you can notify the on-call technician, reboot your server and be notified the services are back on-line faster than you get your pants on and into your car.

Edition.net has been run by Rustan Laine, MCSE, Apple Certified Service Technician for the past 8 years. For more info about our services, contact Rustan at 714 900-3708


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May 6, 2010 at 8:15 pm

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